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In Slovak: 14th May at 18:00 (Irish Time) and 19:00 (Slovak time)
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The Reality we are facing
The world is facing a challenging time and the fear of getting sick is real as the frustration from not having enough of financial resources. It is affecting all of us. Since you cannot do your ordinary activities as you used to, plenty of time during isolation can be utilised well or totally wasted. Time is precious, use it wisely. Moreover, negative emotions are affecting your physical & mental health which leads to imbalance.
What is the best way to use this time
The most important thing for you now is to develop a strategy to boost your immune system but not only that. If you suffer from any disease or chronic condition, this is the time when you can take the right steps in order to change your lifestyle and improve your overall health.
Now, you have to create a plan and take the right actions that will shift your body, mind and energy. All of this will help you with the discovery of your highest potential and move your life forward.
It is important to mention that when your body, mind and energy are balanced, your overall cognition, creativity, intuition allows you to open new doors within yourself and your life. You are powerful!
About Tomas and Balance Your Life
Tomas is a transformational coach, public speaker and founder of Balance Your Life which helps people reach their goals in all aspects of their lives. Tomas has helped and inspired hundreds of people including a wide range of consultants, coaches, executives and CEO’s to achieve their goals and live fulfilling life. Through his workshops and 1-1 coaching sessions, people have experienced positive shifts in their health, careers, personal lives and sports performance. He is also qualified Physical Therapist who has helped many people to recover from variations of injuries and chronic pains.


Balance Your Life Therapy focuses on a number of techniques and tools that are designed to bring more equilibrium (balance) in all aspects of life.

If you would like to bring new useful and very effective knowledge into your personal life, family environment or health practice, this can be a life-changing experience for you.

Date: 02.02.2020
Time: 9:30 to 17:00
Location: Hilton Garden Inn,Dublin Custom House, D01 V9X5 

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Manifesting your desires


Moving yourself forward in life


Finding your own passion and talents


Taking charge of your thoughts


Reprogramming your brain for more effective performance


Getting the right body functioning/ balance


Improving your visualisation abilities


Understanding your emotions and letting go of stress


Understanding your emotions and letting go of stress


Increasing flow of creativity


Improving your eating habits


Improving of performance in any sport you do

Life-Balance Programme

This programme is for anyone who wants to tap into new era of yourself by applying the most effective techniques gathered from years of experience in this field. The core of this programme is based on combination of ancient wisdom and newest research which will show you how to make your dreams come true faster.
Our life is based on particular laws such as: nutrition, psychology, biomechanics, neuroscience, quantum physics, biochemistry, physical exercise and many more… By applying the gold techniques of these laws into your life, you are changing the game!

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