Hi I’m Tomas Dvorsky

I believe good ideas deserve a chance to grow.

Tomas is a transformational coach, public speaker and founder of Balance Your Life which helps people reaching their goals in all aspects of their lives.
Tomas has inspired hundreds of people including a wide range of consultants, coaches, executives and CEO’s to achieve their goals and live fulfilling life.

Tomas is also qualified CORU registered physiotherapist trained in cognitive behavioural therapies and neuroscience. This means that we can understand better how the pain is manifested between the body and mind. By uniting western and eastern medicine into his practice, you can attain the aid from years of painful, stressful & unresolved health issue.

He focuses on several techniques and tools that are designed to bring more equilibrium (balance). This is based on the laws of nutrition, psychology, neuroscience, neuroplasticity, quantum physics, meditation, physical exercise and many more.

Through his workshops and 1-1 coaching sessions, people have experienced positive shifts in their personal lives, family environment, sports performance and careers.‘’The story of why I am doing this type of work goes back to my early childhood.

I was born into a family who guided me towards meditation and mindfulness from a very young age. My father is a holistic therapist and he inspired me to help others, which has later become my passion.I had the privilege of being honoured by 2 awards:

The first ‘’Achiever of the Year ‘at Pre-University of Physiotherapy, and the second ‘’Student Clinic Excellence Award’’ from my Physical Therapy degree, which is something that highlights my passion and dedication in this field.


Through my academic studies & research, as well as studying the life of successful people, I gathered the most essential information and turned it into a Life Transformation Programme. This programme has not only helped me to transform my life, but also many of my client’s lives.

My goal is to inspire all of you to transform your lives, so you can bring your power back, find your highest potential and live your life to the fullest.’’